Our Ethos

About Us

Our mission at Trenow Fields is to create a healthier land to support healthier lives and a sanctuary for all of nature.

Located by the stunning coastline of Mounts Bay in Cornwall, our fields overlook the magical St Michael’s Mount, a former monastery where the Archangel Michael is once said to have appeared. St Michael’s Mount is one of the jewels in Cornwall's crown.

Several ley lines, pathways of electromagnetic energy, are said to converge here. They include the St Michael line, running from Cornwall to Norfolk, connecting us to Glastonbury Tor, Avebury and other sacred sites in England. Another St Michael line is said to connect all the sites dedicated to Archangel Michael across Europe and the Middle East.

We really feel and taste the impact of this unique place, the fresh sea air and our nutrient-rich soil in everything we grow. We hope you will too.

Newly converted to organic certification by the Soil Association, we are committed to improving biodiversity and the health of our soils, producing delicious food and potent healing herbs for our local community and beyond.

As custodians of this special site, our vision is to become a model of diversity and rural regeneration that inspires others, including our partners the National Trust. Little by little, day by day, season by season.

Tree Planting

Tree Planting and Habitat Expansion at Trenow

We are currently embarking on an extensive tree planting project at Trenow, a key initiative under the Forest of Cornwall Exemplar scheme.

We've been focused on expanding habitat areas, and in the upcoming months, our efforts will shift towards planting hedgerows and coppicing. The selected mix of plants, including holly, hazel, hawthorn, and wild native privet, is chosen for its rapid growth and effectiveness in providing habitats for wildlife.

Additionally, these plants will serve as natural shelter belts, enhancing the ecological balance of the area.

Our Organic Herbs

A sprawling field of lavender


A sage plant


A rosemary bush


A pink Oregano flower.